April 10, 2017

Why a website redesign can differentiate your financial services firm

By: Royce Wells, Account Executive

It’s no secret that for financial firms, the customer experience has changed dramatically. Today’s customers interact with websites, mobile apps and digital properties more than ever, and those experiences drive their decision-making. Mobile banking, financial services start-ups and tech-savvy funds are giving prospects and customers high-class experiences that capture their attention — and business. Having a “good enough” experience no longer makes the grade.

The good news is that elevating that customer experience through a website redesign is a low-cost, high-return way to deliver value to your customers and stand out in the marketplace. Here’s why:

1. You can capitalize on opportunity, and tools

Your website is a key digital touchpoint for interactions between your brand and your customers. A premier experience sets you apart from the competition, inspiring customer loyalty and creating new business value. The competition is not simply other sites. The digital landscape includes applications and social media channels, too. Your site is a great way to distinguish yourself, but it can also be a key building block for a broader digital strategy.

The marketplace is filled with tools to help you build a site while keeping costs and timelines in control. CMS systems like WordPress or Drupal can help make the design and build of a cross-platform experience much easier, faster and more cost-effective process.

2. You can nurture ongoing relationships

Your site is more than a place to visit once — done right, it becomes a place your customers visit again and again to interact with your brand. A new site can allow you to easily update information and keep your messages about your approach and team current. A site that keeps your value propositions front-and-center, yet allows prospective customers room to explore, makes your teams’ job easier.

Marketing automation tools, like Marketo, offer even more opportunity to nurture relationships with prospects and customers. They give you a simple way to create emails and landing pages that draw your audience back to your site, prompt action, and keep your brand at the top of their mind.

3. You can deliver the streamlined, cross-platform experience your customers demand.

We all know people do their shopping on multiple devices — phones, tablets, laptops — but investing in an app can require a bigger investment of time and money than you’re ready for.  A site refresh can meet some of those challenges — for example, making your site mobile-responsive can help you capture an audience you may be missing out on.


If your financial services firm is looking for a way to maximize your budget but still take advantage of digital opportunities, a website refresh should be one of the first considerations on your list. It can be a straightforward way to start building new relationships with prospects and transform relationships with existing customers.

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