How do you build an engaging mobile banking experience?

Partnering with Bank of the West, we were asked to solve their mobile customers' biggest frustration with the user experience — having to constantly sign in just to check their balances on their phone. The opportunity was to create a next-generation version of their account balance feature.

We created a prototype that demonstrated a Quick Balance Feature accessible in just one click. We also created nearly three times the existing product-specific media views with in-app customer messaging.

Mobile Product Design User Testing

Peeling back the layers 

We pushed ourselves to discover a single feature that wasn't working for Bank of the West so that we could improve it—or even redesign it from the ground up. Our research showed that, for mobile banking users, the convenience of checking their account balances on their phone just wasn't worth the pain of logging in.


Solving the problem is just the beginning

So why do customers have to log in just to check their account balances on smartphones? Our answer? They shouldn't have to.

We wanted to create something unique for Bank of the West mobile users. By designing a prototype of the Quick Balance Feature, we were able to demonstrate the advantages of this feature and put them at the forefront of mobile banking technology.

We also recommended ways to effectively design and deploy relevant marketing within the app itself to support the customers' needs – and introduce other relevant products while they were engaged in the Quick Balance view.


The proof is in the numbers

In the end, we provided cutting-edge prototypes, content updates, usability testing and visual design. We helped Bank of the West double their active mobile banking users with an increase in daily logins. Not only that, they also created nearly three times the existing product-specific media views with in-app customer messaging. 

That's truly seamless online banking.

Since our soft launch last month, usage and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve doubled our active mobile banking users and had a three-fold increase in log-ins per day. Consumers vote with their apps, and the new Bank of the West mobile app is clearly a winner.
— Jamie Armistead, Senior Vice President of Multi-Channel Banking, Bank of the West