How do you globally scale a customizable responsive platform?

Comrade took BlackRock's, FundFrenzy, a March Madness basketball-themed game to drive engagement and participation among their financial advisors and individual investors, and made it available to international markets. We improved on the existing platform by making the featured sport relevant to each international market and were able to make it more compatible with various operating systems and devices. We also created a seamless automated conversion process of registrants into sales leads.


A worldwide challenge

But how do you create a truly customizable platform that would scale across the globe? We needed to create the admin tools to allow BlackRock to make a wide variety of changes and adjust parameters to target key demographics. Furthermore, we needed to address device and operating system capability—including making the system responsive for mobile and tablet use. And all this while capturing valuable sales leads.


Making it work

To seamlessly increase the conversion rate of participants in the program (and generate leads), we created a single-sign-on API that integrated the registration process into BlackRock’s existing CRM system.

Then we created a scalable, mobile friendly platform that could be easily translated into new markets and operating systems, converting the existing Flash-based tool to a responsive HTML5 platform. We also developed a CMS-based system to allow BlackRock to build once and use anywhere—to switch the game's language or even the sport—without having to start from scratch.


A winning result

We worked with BlackRock’s internal IT teams to develop, QA and deploy this easy-to-customize modular template and launched its first successful run in March 2013.

The four-week program met registration goals and hit the philanthropic target of donating $20,000 to the charity of the winner’s choice. We've helped run this successful annual campaign for four years in a row.