How do you get people to not just pay attention to a charity campaign, but drive them to action?

For our 2015 food drive to benefit the Alameda County Food Bank, we launched a marketing campaign to generate awareness and show our connection to the community. Handmade "soup cans" that repeated XO (for hugs and kisses) and custom signage filled our front windows to announce both the drive and our love for Oakland. We collected 320 pounds of food and spread happiness even after the holidays were over.


Making the theoretical real

How do you take a group of talented creatives experienced in the digital world and create something in the real world?  How do you get passers-by to not just pay attention, but to pitch in and give back to the community?  


A labor of love

We wanted to use iconic red-and-white soup cans as "pixels" to spell out XOXOXO in our windows. Our first attempt, using real cans of soup, wasn't successful, so we decided to create our own "cans" out of cardboard mailing tubes and printed labels.

Comrades pitched in to create and string up 2,346 cans in six windows and designed window-filling custom posters that explained our mission. We cross-promoted the campaign through ACFB's social channels, Comrade's social channels and press release.


Giving back to Alameda County

We caught the eye of thousands of passers-by and collected 320 pounds of food to add to our total of over 2000 pounds food donated over the last 10 years. After the campaign was completed, we donated the collected can materials to, Attitudinal Healing Connection, a local non-profit art program that offers art-enrichment classes to youth.