How do you simplify complex investment data through design?

Contineo asked us to develop an innovative user interface for creating and managing institutional investment opportunities. We were looking for a concept that could make this platform truly unique, one that would change the existing structure of the investment product workflow.

We produced a breakthrough prototype that not only helped Contineo communicate their vision for a next-generation platform to investors, but also was key in helping their team move quickly to development.


Charting the territory

Investment technology is a highly mature category with a complicated task-oriented workflow and a lack of cutting edge user experience in its trading or investment platforms.

With no boundaries and no direct route or formula, we were asked to redesign an extremely complex product platform. Not only that, we wanted to build in UX concepts that are outside the industry's traditional worldview.



Bringing data to life

Our design team developed multiple ways to make data visualization the central design element through the experience, simplify complex flows and create stunning visuals. We implemented a variety of user experience techniques and non-conventional color treatments to break up the monotony of the dashboard.

By doing this, we created a lot of motion—which is extremely rare for brokerage and trading dashboards. Taking inspiration from media players, we designed a filtering system where adjusting a graph filters the information below. We brought a new life to financial services with user experiences that were outside the industry.



A next-generation platform 

In 2015 Contineo won Best New Product/Platform from Asian Private Banker.

Comrade allowed us to really create a new design system that wasn’t based on getting to parity, but on getting us ahead and really setting the standard for everybody else.
— Mark Munoz, Managing Director Contineo