How do you help a leadership team embrace a new approach?

Comrade led senior leadership at a major regional bank through a hands-on design thinking workshop. As a result, over 400 executives learned to reframe problems in ways that lead to more innovative solutions.


Inspiring leaders to think differently

As part of an enterprise-wide transformation, we were asked to teach and inspire senior leadership to embrace the concepts and welcome the process of Design Thinking throughout the organization.

Interactive collaboration at ballroom scale

Comrade created a 90-minute session to describe the Design Thinking framework, show examples of Design Thinking at work and lead participants through a set of thought-provoking exercises that allowed them to experience core concepts for themselves through practice. We then presented and facilitated this session for a group of over 400 senior managers and leaders as part of their two-day senior leadership conference.

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Planting the seeds of a new approach

Senior leaders across the organization got hands-on experience with elements of Design Thinking and were empowered to take what they learned back to their teams, paving the way for deeper ongoing adoption throughout the company.