How do you simplify a complex brand to improve sales efficiency?

vCom Solutions, a revolutionary B2B technology company, invited us to help reposition its brand and redesign their website to help bring more clarity to its product value. Together we did more than build a better online presence – we completely transformed how vCom told its story, streamlining the company’s sales process and energizing the vCom team.


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Changing how customers approach their tech

In order to help vCom stay ahead in a rapidly changing tech world we needed to bring a level of clarity to the benefits of their company and technology lifecycle products, while keeping the messaging simple yet explanatory.  To see the value in working with vCom, potential clients had to reconsider their technology lifecycles – and it was up to us to facilitate this new perspective.


The brand guides the story

We worked with vCom company leaders over the course of three months in a highly collaborative process to define vCom’s storytelling platform, articulate how the vCom story translates to an online experience, and improve the overall look and feel of the vCom brand.

We split the vCom website into three main areas: products, people, and platform, and organized all of the content into easily digestible chunks to give clients simple explanations of the complex problems vCom solves. We also used a modular design to keep the site responsive and allow for growth and additional product lines as vCom expands its business.

The new branding features warm imagery against a cool pallet, paying homage to vCom’s value as a technology platform while maintaining a friendly, approachable feel. The letter “V” works its way in through subtle visual design elements, a powerful nod to the brand name and direction that guides the user through vCom’s story.


New identity, renewed purpose

Comrade created the new tagline, “We manage what you shouldn’t,” that clearly messages vCom’s core value. These and other new branding measures such as a new style guide, imagery, and new messaging have made the vCom story more compelling and its sales process smoother because its offering is easier to articulate and understand.

vCom employees love their new website, and has given their sales team a renewed sense of energy.